Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Poulsbo, Bainbridge & Seattle

We spent a lovely morning riding the ferry to visit Poulsbo and Bainbridge. (Thought we were going to miss it due to getting lost, but didn't - grateful for that and Rachel's cool head since I was a bit freaked out - I HATE being late!) Rach is in love with Poulsbo! Seriously. It's a quaint little Scandinavian town. We went to a bakery that Angie told us about and were able to eat some pastries that I remember eating when I was young, either from relatives or Solvang. Yum! We shopped at a few fun stores and met some really nice, helpful people. The town was super cute too! Bainbridge was where we caught the ferry to go to Seattle. We didn't spend as much time there since we wanted to get to Seattle for lunch. In Seattle we went to Ivar's for lunch (very yummy), and to Pike's Place Market. It was fun to watch the fish mongers throw the fish to each other! They sold beautiful fresh flowers and a variety of crafts there. It was a great place to visit and I'd wished that I could take some flowers home with me. I'm grateful for the great day we had. We are both pretty tired from our adventures, and looking forward to seeing Tillamook then returning to Eugene.

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