Monday, January 23, 2012

Food blogs

I love food blogs. I don't follow many, but I love them. It's almost like having a food network favorite show, only you don't actually get to know the people that write them. (unless of course you actually know them!)

Here are some of my favorite food blogs:

  • Our best bites - super fun food, and great ideas...probably my favorite. (would love to get their cookbook one day, or their calendar...maybe next year)
  • Skinny taste - great ideas for those that need/want to eat healthy.
  • The Food Charlatan - which happens to be a dear friend of mine (one of my former Laurel's)
  • Bakerella - I also used to love her blog but then she was more about posting her book signings and that just became boring.
  • Smitten Kitchen is also one I used to follow...but her food was w-a-y too tempting for me! (It's like being on want to make and eat everything!)

There you have it. I am grateful for food blogs and the fun ideas they give me. I am also grateful for the self restraint I have of stopping myself from making and eating much of the food on these blogs! If not for that we would be in serious trouble. ;)

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