Friday, January 27, 2012


Actually I am grateful for several things, regarding this particular package.

1) that it was Rylee's idea to send us pictures she and Sadie had colored for us - so, so cute!
2) that we have new pics of Sam and family =)
3) that the package could have cost a bundle, but because USPS was actually nice to us, it didn't (see story below)

Life is good...especially for grandparents that love seeing their grandchildren!

Story - yesterday our mail delivery person (not sure what title they have, somehow 'mail lady' sounds funny) came to our door. That rarely happens. She handed me our mail (all 2 items) then she explained that the other package she was holding was ours, they think, but it was going to cost us $18.95 to keep it.

I didn't even know anyone sent us a package so I was not willing to fork over the money at the time. I told her I wished I could contact our kids to see if any of them had sent us a package. She said she would take it back to the post office, and handed me a slip of paper for me to pick it up later.

I quickly texted our family and found out that Linzi had sent the package.

The package was a mess. Someone had cut and pasted the postal codes, our name and address and the amount paid for sending the package and then put it on an express mail envelope, inserting pictures, etc, inside. Then they sent it.

So, I totally made up a story in my mind to make this act excusable, about some little old person accidentally opening our package, realizing the mistake they had made, and then sending it on it's way the best they could.

That's not exactly what happened, so I found out today.

Apparently the envelope/package was ruined en route to California, it ended up in San Francisco, somehow. At any rate, the post office is the one that 'fixed' the package and sent it to us. Fortunately our post office finally realized that was the case so they didn't charge us for it. (first they did, then upon further investigation they didn't; I had even slid my ATM card through!)

Noteworthy - as long as there were pictures of our grandchildren it was worth it to me to pay the $18.95. It didn't matter to me, because they are worth every single penny, and if there was even less than a penny that could be measured, they would be worth that too!

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