Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I am horrible at taking medication...truly horrible. It's just not something I remember to do on a regular basis. I am really good at taking my synthroid because I am motivated by an unwillingness to be depressed, or tired all the time, etc. But, that's about it. That is about to change.

I haven't been feeling well over the past year. My stomach has been bothering me quite a bit. I actually went to my doctor last summer and he diagnosed me with (drum roll, please)...upset stomach. I know, brilliant, right?

My mom has me pick up things at the store for her since they don't have a car, and my sister isn't doing well at all. I was supposed to take her out to breakfast yesterday, but she is sick so I couldn't. I did, however, get all the things at the store that she asked me to get. One of those was Vitamin B12.

I have never taken that...given how good I am at taking any medication. For some reason I just felt I should pick myself up a bottle at Costco today, since they are on sale, and begin taking them (along with other healthy supplements - seriously, I need to be well again).

After running several errands today (Pat's birthday is on Sunday and I wanted to be sure that I have everything for him) I needed some rest (the whole not feeling well thing). While I rested I watched Dr Oz. His show today happened to be about those who are deficient in Vitamin B12. Interestingly enough he said there were three things that were signs of a deficiency. I only remember two, because those are the two that I have. One was being tired and lacking energy - me to a tee. Second, having an upset stomach. Hmmm, there could be something to this.

So, I am happy to report that I am now officially taking Vitamin B12 and I hope that it will help very soon! I am grateful for vitamins and the help they do give us, especially as we age, because the results of aging are not fun and we need all the help we can get. =)

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