Thursday, January 12, 2012


During the day I often get a phone call from our little Mr. Gavin who loves to "talk" on the phone with Grandma. He always says "Hi!" repeatedly. It's adorable. I also get other words from him like 'up', 'all better', 'humpty dumpty', etc. His vocab is really expanding. It's great!

Today was no different. I did get a phone call from Gav saying 'hi' to me. The surprise was that earlier when Amy and I were talking on the phone James actually wanted to talk to me! He is not usually one for being intrigued with talking to Grandma. He told me about his crackers with peanut butter on them, his toys, and that he was having a good day.

I love talking to all of our grandkids. I am grateful that Amy frequently calls so that Gav can say 'hi' to me. I need to start calling the other grandchildren and letting them know that I think of them all the time and just how important they are to me.

They really are.

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