Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friends, Food and Feelings

Today was our annual Stake Relief Society meeting. This was the first time I was there as a mere participant rather than one involved in the planning and production of this meeting in years. I thoroughly enjoyed being there! I also missed being so involved, but I loved being there with so many wonderful friends.

We had an amazing brunch with creme brulee french toast, hash browns, sausage and fruit. It was very delicious. I have the recipe,well, everyone who attended does now; but I had the recipe since our ward was involved in making many of the french toasts. It pays to have someone in our ward on the food committee!

The way this meeting works is that shortly after we arrive (if we are on time) we eat brunch. From there (cultural hall) we go to the chapel. There we are blessed to hear amazing talks (sermons - for those of you who are not LDS) and enjoy the insights that are shared, but most importantly the Spirit that testifies to us of the things that we need to know.

I love feeling the Spirit. I love the insights and the strength we receive from the Spirit. I love our new Stake RS President (Linda Hicken) and her presidency. I love their willingness to serve; their ability to undertake such a daunting task having just been given the reins in November.

I am grateful for this meeting. I am grateful for our amazing Stake President who left us with a loving blessing. I am grateful for Relief Society and how important is has been in my life throughout the years.

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