Friday, June 21, 2013

A day late!

We have been a little busy, so I am a day late in posting this. Oops! I honestly thought about this post yesterday as we were at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Then, as we drove back to the hotel Pat actually brought it up. When you are at the PCC they often talk about their heritage. (Hawaiian, Tongan, Fijian, Samoan, etc) The thought we both had was (and I had it last time we were there) how wonderful to have such a strong heritage ...and we both wished we had that. And then we realized that we do. We discussed Pat's family's family history (mostly English and Irish/Scottish; and mine (Swedish, English, Irish/Scottish). We talked about how the girls have embraced the Swedish part mostly (since it is more "pure"). I am grateful for our heritage, our ancestors, and that they contribute to who I am, who our family is. On that note, when we were done at PCC we drove over to the temple, just to see it (we didn't have the energy to attend a session), to take pictures and to just be there. Just being on the grounds brings me peace and helps me to feel "centered". Somehow this is all related -because if the temple is about anything, it is about family...which is what I am really grateful for.

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