Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The right touch

By now you realize that we went to Oahu the other day. Here is the story:

Garrett, the CEO, of NOA called Pat two weeks ago yesterday, telling him that they needed a job done on Oahu, and then asked if he would go and take care of it. (It had to be done quickly, so we had to decide fast, and leave fast!) He told them they had enough in the budget for me to go along. (Yay!)

Honestly, we almost turned it down. We weren't sure if he could get away from the levee job, and who we could get to take care of my mom on such short notice (thank you Melanie, and our neighbors - Jim and Laura). AND, it wasn't like Oahu is our favorite island, plus my knee hasn't been doing well, etc., etc, etc. In fact, Pat had decided we wouldn't go, because all we were doing was finding excuses not to go! The morning he made that decision I texted him and told him that I wasn't happy about it; that we should go, and that it was a great opportunity!

We still hadn't made a decision by Wednesday night, for sure. Pat had tried to call Garrett, but he was busy on a project of his own, so he wasn't able to talk with him. He talked to the guy that is managing this project and asked him how much budget there was. Turns out there was just enough to cover a flight, hotel and car rental, but that was about all! We figured we'd be paying a decent amount out of our own pocket, but getting to Oahu, or any other island for that matter, will never be as inexpensive for us as this was.

All day Thursday I researched, researched, and researched some more. I found good flights, and before I knew it they were gone...poof!(Thank you soccer teams; but really, thank you, because of you we got the convertible Mustang to drive!) Finally we found a good flight, with a nice hotel on Waikiki beach, and a car rental for the right price. Pat kept coming in and telling me things about what we wanted, etc. Finally, I told him that he needed to be a part of this, instead of me taking care of it all, because I was getting to where I couldn't remember what flight was best, what hotel was best, etc. He got on his laptop at the kitchen table and went to work also. I told him let me know how things turned out; whether or not we were going.

A little while later he came in and said, "We're going!" I was shocked, because I thought we'd discuss the final decision. Then he told me what happened - turns out, he was at the accepting part of the process, and was going to come and talk to me, when his finger brushed across the mousepad on his laptop, and he accidentally accepted it! It was a done deal! We were going to Oahu whether we wanted to or not!

Of course we aren't crazy, we wanted to go! We just had to work things out.

We were only there for four and a half days, but it was super fun! I am so grateful for that slip of his finger, that allowed us to go. Perhaps it was meant to be.

Our hotel - Waikiki Marriott.

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