Sunday, June 16, 2013


Today is Father's Day! I woke up this morning and went to work in the kitchen making one of Pat's favorites...breakfast cake! (actually coffee cake, but our family renamed it breakfast cake so as not to confuse the kiddies when they were younger) After the breakfast cake went into the oven I went to our bedroom where Pat was lying in bed, and I exclaimed, "Happy Father's Day!", to which he chuckled.

Then I gave him a card (purchased) and one I made as part of his gift from our family (with various kids, grandkids and kids-in-law) expressing their appreciation and love for him. He liked that a lot. :)

Then he opened other cards from the kids, finding that Craig's family did something similar to what I did, so he really enjoyed that too! Then he opened the pants, large can of peanuts (I'm nuts about you!), and a fishing tackle box with a Bass Pro gift card inside. (funny that Craig and Angie had the same idea, and gave him a BP card also!) He was and will be a happy camper, or fisher, which is something we both are interested in taking up.

Then we were off to Stake Conference where we had a reorganization in our Stake Presidency. Presidents Crockett, Smith and Maxfield were released. Our new Stake President is President Maxfield, his counselors are Steve Brown (serves with Pat on high council), and President Norman (current Bishop in Tracy). All of these brethren are from Tracy. I have no problem with that - they have a stronger force of Priesthood leadership there.

I'm grateful for Pat, for the great dad he is, mistakes and successes, and all. I'm grateful for our boys, Sam, Craig and Brad, who work hard for their families, and love their children fiercely. I am grateful for their dedication and devotion to their wives, and to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; that they are trying to raise their children in righteousness; as we tried to raise them. Well, we didn't raise Brad, but that was so Amy could marry him!

Twenty-one years ago today my father passed away. I am grateful for his ever present influence for good in my life. I'm grateful that he loved me. I don't have any misconceptions that he was a perfect man; he wasn't, and would be the first to admit it...but he loved us, and he did his best. The greatest blessing he gave me was to embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, to turn his life around, and to give me the opportunity to have a testimony of our Father and Jesus Christ.

Finally, I am grateful for my Heavenly Father; who is always an influence in my life. So many of the things I do because of Him. I choose to be kind, because of Him. I choose to go to church, because of Him. I strive to live my life the way I should, because of Him.

I am grateful for these wonderful, imperfect, men in my life. I love them more than I can say.

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