Saturday, June 1, 2013

Amazon = Amazing!

Sometimes it's the little things that win your heart, or your devotion, over. The other day I ordered a one gallon size jar from Amazon (much like the ones pictured on yesterday's post). Problem was the picture depicted it as being tinted blue...which was perfect for my kitchen! It was NOT blue. THEN, I discovered yesterday, when I purchased my shell jar at Target, that the jar was less expensive there, by several dollars. I then contemplated returning the Amazon purchase, but wanted first to find out how much they would charge me for sending it back.

This morning I went online (I feel like Meg Ryan in "You've Got Mail" - only no guy at the other end of an email, which is good, since I am happily married!) to figure out whether or not I wanted to hassle with returning the jar. Once I said that I did want to return it, they kindly popped up a window saying, no worries, keep it, you get your refund, this is on us. Yay!

I am in love with Amazon, seriously. I am so grateful they, like Costco, make things so much easier to deal with. Life is good! :)

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