Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I hope they call me on a mission!

One of our dear friends/couple have decided to go on a mission. They are a few years older than us, and were expecting to go on their mission when he retired. During General Conference Linda looked at Rex and said, "I think I'm ready to go on a mission." So, they sat down and figured how much they could afford; how long they could be away from having an income, and went to work getting things ready.

They have decided to serve a twelve month mission, because that is what they can afford. Prior to this their thought had been: Work, retire, mission. Instead what they are doing is work, mission, work, retire. That is just how it is working out for them.

I am so happy for them! They have been called to the Detroit, Michigan mission to serve in the Employment Department. They leave somewhere around the end of July.

These friends are amazing people. Talk about a power couple! Rex was our Stake President for nine years, in fact he called Pat to be a bishop. Then, Linda served as our Stake Relief Society President for five years. I was blessed to be her first counselor for over three of those years. Now, Pat and Rex serve next to each other on the High Council. You should have seen Pat's face when Rex was called to be on the High Council - it was like his best friend had come to join him! He couldn't stop grinning!

In all actuality, I am humbled that we have both been able to serve beside these wonderful friends. They are amazing people. The people in Detroit are so blessed to have them, and they have no idea what is coming their way. I am so grateful for the example that Linda and Rex have been to me for the past eighteen years; and for the example they will continue to be to me.

Here's how they have handled their mission call:
1) In their ward they invite those who have received their mission call to come to the front and share where they are going. When Linda went up to tell everyone the first thing she said was, "I'm so glad they lowered the mission age!" She is so funny!
2) When they received their mission call in the mail they had family come over and open it with them. They had their fourteen year old son open their mission call, so that he would know what it felt like to receive one. How great is that?

So, their example means a great deal to me. I am grateful, beyond words, for these wonderful, dear friends. I feel truly blessed that they are in our lives.

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