Saturday, October 5, 2013

Change of Heart

Today my heart was changed regarding the ending of my blog. You may ask why...well, be prepared for a slightly lengthy answer. To you that do read my blog (friends and family) you know most of what I'm about to say...however, it won't hurt for you to read it. :)

We belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have spent most of the day watching General Conference (four hours). General Conference is where our church leaders speak, giving us counsel regarding topics they have been inspired by the Spirit to share with us. Tomorrow we will do the same.

I love General Conference. I love knowing what the Lord has in mind for us to know. I love being reminded of things of a spiritual nature that are truly important, and life changing. I love knowing that our Father loves us and is mindful of us; of me, and of you. He truly knows the thoughts and intents of our hearts.

There were a few things that really struck me today, and I knew I had to mention them in the post.

First, Elder Bednar stated, "A grateful person is a person rich in contentment." I loved that statement. As we are grateful for the blessings that we do have and choose not to focus on what we don't we are content, and find we are not lacking. Blessings become magnified - which is what this blog has proven to me.

Second, "Doubt your doubt, before you doubt your faith." How I love President Uchtdorf, so much. He had words of wisdom that I am looking forward to reading, re-reading, and re-listening to.

Third: Missionary work - if anyone got anything out of Conference today it is that we are to work with the missionaries to rescue, and to share our faith with others. This is the reason I've had a change of heart. Being a 'stay-at-home daughter' (my doctor quipped that the other day) leaves me little time to be out and about with others. How can I possibly share my beliefs, my testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel, with others when I'm not really around others that much? This is my way. Perhaps I won't reach many here either, but I will at least try. I loved that Elder Ballard mentioned that if we all just reach out to one person, just one, before Christmas, millions will feel the love of the Savior more. Now, that would make a great Christmas, wouldn't it?

While my blog is purely about things that I am grateful for, and will continue to be so, the things that I am most grateful for are abundantly clear, and what I will always address: my family, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the blessings I've been given - whether simple or great, small or big... they all come from a loving Heavenly Father, for which I am deeply, and humbly grateful.

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