Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Yesterday I went shopping at Costco, trying to get things before their coupons expire this weekend. I was busy putting the supplies in my car, then putting the cart away. I hadn't noticed that I had forgotten something in the cart. In fact I didn't notice it until I came home and was putting things away. That was when I realized I needed to get back to Costco...quickly. I didn't know whether or not someone would just take what was left in my cart or turn it in. Once I pulled into a parking space I checked the carts...not there. I went into Costco to the front desk and there, sitting behind the counter, was my item. I simply told the clerk that I was there to get this item. She handed it to me with a smile. I, said a prayer of thanks for whomever turned it in. I am so grateful for those who have integrity. They brightened my day.

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