Thursday, October 17, 2013


Everyone is a-buzz about their Halloween costumes this year! I remember, back in the day, when we would figure out our children's costumes. If I couldn't make it we thrift stored it! Probably one of the most unique costumes was Rachel's 'bow girl'. I think she was four and had this idea that she wanted to be a 'bow girl'. That meant that she wanted a bunch of bows all over her clothes. I attempted to sway her with other ideas but she stood firm. A bow girl it was! I wish we had a picture of that one!

My favorites of our kid's costumes were: Indiana Jones, a mummy, Bat Man and Bat Girl (which I made myself and have since lost, actually lost quite quickly, darn!), and the various super hero and princess themes. Those were fun times!

I'm grateful that our grandchildren can now experience the thrill of Halloween. I know what some of them are going to be but the others haven't told me yet. I can't wait to hear! :)

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