Monday, October 28, 2013

Top Ramen

Back in the day when we were starving students we had many dinners that were often repeated - mostly due to them being inexpensive. Top Ramen was one of those. Then, when the kids were growing up we'd have it every once in awhile. We haven't had it for years. Today was a busy day, my back and knee were in pain so Pat volunteered to make dinner for us. Recently when I went grocery shopping I picked up a few packages of Top Ramen. (Amy actually had some recently which made me think of getting some) So, when Pat asked what I wanted, with the weather having dropped twenty degrees, it sounded good! Pat added an egg, some veggies, and voila - we had dinner! I'm grateful for all those years ago when we had Top Ramen to help supplement our food bill, it really made a difference.


  1. I'm not alone in my there's-nothing-else-but-top-ramen fix! By the way, I looked at how yesterday's post was "Lazy Morning". Guess that was to make up for this morning in advance :P