Sunday, November 24, 2013

Apples and Bananas

When our children were little we had a Raffi in concert video that they loved to watch. When they outgrew Raffi I gave the videotape to DI, knowing that some family would enjoy it. Since having grandchildren I've searched for it several times so that they, too, could enjoy it. I've not been able to find a DVD with him singing "Apples and Bananas" which was a family favorite. I still sing it sometimes to our grandchildren, it always brings a smile.

So, today when I was browsing Amazon, Raffi popped up and I thought I should search once again. Still no DVD with "Apples and Bananas".  So disappointing.

Then I had a thought ---- Maybe, Just Maybe, it will be on YouTube! After typing in Raffi and "Apples and Bananas" I was pleasantly surprised to find it there. Yay!

So, I thought I'd share on here so that our grandkids can view it. They may not enjoy it as much as their parents, but it should hopefully be fun for them, nevertheless. I'm grateful to have found it, for the fond memories it brings to me, and that I can share it with them via this blog.

Here you go!

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