Sunday, November 10, 2013

Priesthood blessings

The other night our grandson, Jack, was suffering from the croup. His daddy, Brad, gave him a Priesthood blessing, for which I am very grateful.

This morning I felt decent. I'm still struggling with my cold, but it isn't bad. After being up for a few hours this morning this sinus headaches hits from out of nowhere. Frankly, I am tired of this cold. The other day I told Amy that it reminds me of someone who sounds horrible, like they are dying, from a cold. You ask if they are okay and they say, "It's not as bad as it sounds." Well, in this instance the opposite is true. I don't sound bad at all; but I'm tired and weak, and congested and feel much worse than I sound. The point is not about how I feel, because we've all been there. The point is that I had to go to church today to take care of something regarding my calling (otherwise I wouldn't have, I don't like spreading germs). Since I knew I was going to at least be attending Sacrament meeting I texted Pat (who was in ward council) asking if he and our Bishop (hometeacher) could give me a blessing during Sunday School.

That they did. I am so grateful for Priesthood blessings, and for the worthy Priesthood holders in my life, that exercise their Priesthood righteously.

P.S. I should feel better soon, now that I've had a blessing!

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