Monday, November 18, 2013

I Believe in Miracles

Yesterday I took the time to read the account regarding some of the sister missionaries in the Philippines at the time of the typhoon. How they survived is a miracle... especially when you see the pictures of where the water level was in their former apartment. Then came another miracle as the mission and area presidents were trying to figure out how to evacuate the 200+ missionaries. If you haven't read this account yet, you should. It is found here:

This morning as I was driving around running errands I was thinking about what I had read yesterday. I thought about all the miracles we see all the time, we just don't take the time to recognize them as such. So, I thought of a few simple, but amazing ones:

1.  We are here on this earth walking around with these miraculous bodies!
2.  We have been blessed to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. So many others don't, it's a miracle to me that we do.
3.  Technology. Here I am writing this post on my a few seconds it will be on the internet with immediate access to others. Crazy miracle.
4.  Our cars, or other forms of transportation. Seriously, how does one figure out how to put a car together to make it run so that we can get from one destination to another. Stopping and considering air travel simply leaves me speechless.
5.  We can know through the Holy Ghost what our Father wants for us. Miracle.
6.  We can be a forever family, and we can seal other family members to one another that have deceased.
7.  For me, being able to see without glasses for the past twelve years has been a miracle. Sometimes it still hits me how well I can see now.

I won't go on and on, because that is not my intention. These are just a few things I thought of while driving. Maybe you can take a moment and think of the miracles in your life, it just may make you feel more grateful.

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