Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Taste test

Admittedly, this will be an odd post. Prepare yourself.

This year we are hosting Thanksgiving at our home for extended family members. Originally, when we weren't doing this, I was going to just go the quick and easy route: turkey breast, homemade mashed potatoes, Stove Top (I know), corn, green beans, and homemade rolls.

However, since we are having company I have had to adapt. Now we are getting a turkey, cooking stuffing from scratch, using Crescent rolls, and continuing on with the mashed potatoes, corn, and green beans.

Truthfully I've never been a HUGE fan of stuffing. It is not my favorite Thanksgiving dish (pass the mashed potatoes, please!). Since that is the case it stands to reason that I don't have a favorite stuffing recipe. Actually, usually I kind of wing it (ha! you know, turkey...wing, get it?). My stuffing turns out okay, but nothing to write home about.

Which has brought me to watching various TV shows that are focusing on Thanksgiving recipes. As a result I watched "The Chew" where Michael Symon made his basic stuffing recipe. Then, I had the brilliant idea that I would choose that recipe for my stuffing. That was followed by yet another brilliant idea - perhaps we should make a half batch and see how we like it.

I did make it. I did taste it. I did not like it. We are no longer using that recipe and I am beginning the hunt for a better one. Yikes!

I am grateful for taste testing - it sure would have been embarrassing to serve a crummy stuffing! :/


  1. Bahahaha! Good job! I would have waited and hoped. Which is why I generally mess up recipes (or choose bad ones) to serve to more than just my family. Grr. Good luck!

    If you want to know (because no matter what I'm telling you), I found a cornbread stuffing at OBB that I'm going to use. Cornbread, sausage, apples. What's better than that??

    1. Haha! I printed that off today! ;)