Monday, November 4, 2013


When I was expecting Sam we were living in Provo, Utah. During that time they had the first ever General Relief Society broadcast. My former roommate, Lizzie, her mom, and I attended together in the Marriott Center. I remember Sister Whitton commenting that it was a historical moment - the largest gathering of women ever. We were excited to be there, and anxious to learn what we were being taught. That was 35 years ago. Now there has been new revelation regarding this meeting. We, the Relief Society sisters will be combining forces not only with the Young Women of the church, but all those eight and over. Honestly, at first I was excited, then I wondered how it will be as they strive to teach such a vast range in ages. And then it hit me - this is part of the progression to help those girls realize that they can feel comfortable in Relief Society when they reach age 18. Also, what a wonderful opportunity for mothers and daughters - to share a special night together twice a year. Yes. I am grateful for modern day revelation and how it applies to us.

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