Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Yesterday I went to our favorite farm stand in the area. They always have fresh produce, grown locally. They also have amazing delicious pies! While I was checking out I was chatting with the girl there. As I was about to leave she suddenly said, "Would you like a free pie?" Um, yes! Like I said, their pies - amazing. I could choose from coconut cream, banana cream, lemon and pumpkin. Since we are having pumpkin soon, I nixed that one, since I love coconut cream I nixed that one, since I don't care for lemon all that much I nixed that one. Banana cream won out!

I took that lovely pie home. (We each enjoyed a small piece later.)

One of my sisters that I visit teach happened to call me shortly after I returned home with that pie. I told her about my score, and she was a little envious...just a little! She also loves their pies.

The following morning my mom was out doing a puzzle in the kitchen and my plan was to take the rest of the pie to this friend. I asked my mom if she wanted me to save her a piece, which she did. Of course! Then I took the rest of the pie to my friend who was delighted to have it! (and I am for her since we should not be eating it!)

Maybe it's not pay it forward day like it was last week...but who needs a day to pay it forward? We should all be doing the best we can in sharing what we have anyway!

I'm grateful for pie, and for being able to share it with a friend. :)

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