Monday, May 23, 2011

discounted supplies

Rachel has been planning on painting her room for awhile now. I tend to spoil myself when it comes to projects so I opt to get the kind of paint that has the primer already in it. Just let me state here that I do have a reason for spoiling myself - it's called stenosis of the spine; which means I have a bad back. Hence, I choose to not have to put as much effort into tasks when it is at all avoidable, make sense now? (most people would hire a painter, I am too cheap to do that, so I get the best paint instead.)

At any rate (I love that phrase, don't you?), I saw the other day that Home Depot's Behr paints is on special right now - you purchase a can and get $5.00 back per can! Win!

We will also be painting our bathroom soon, and installing tile on our bathroom floor (which came carpeted).

I am grateful for discounted supplies that I actually like using!

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