Friday, May 27, 2011


Shoe shopping with Pat is always a treat, sorry, I lied. He is one of the pickiest shoe shoppers on the planet! (why does this make me think of the term 'show stopper'? No idea...) Usually when we go shopping for shoes for him (which is rare, and a testament of my great love for him) it takes F.o.R.E.v.e.R!! But, not tonight! He came home a little early from work, and had asked me to go with him after dinner. I suggested we go now rather than later, and off we went!

Fortunately he had been to this store prior to my going with him so he knew what they offered. I had a 15% coupon so he was a man on a mission! He not only bought a nice new Sunday-best pair of black wingtips, he also bought himself a nice cozy comfy pair of slippers. He is a happy man.

And I am simply grateful.

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