Thursday, May 12, 2011

Stocked shelves and fridge

We came home last night from our  Disneyland trip. (so fun! and tiring!) The thought of running to the grocery store was not something that brought a smile to my face. After thinking briefly on the matter I realized we have plenty of food on hand, me being a planner and all, thank goodness! So, Rachel and I did a car washing, library book collecting and Costco gas-pumping run (which was sorely needed, nearly empty tank that it was).  Then we wandered in to Costco to buy some kitchen garbage bags and a few fresh veggies, and out the door we went!

It was wonderful to not have to do a big shopping trip since we have our cupboards and fridge stocked already with enough food to feed us for a while.

I am grateful our cupboards are stocked full! It is so much better than grocery shopping!

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