Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Multiple things

today i am grateful for multiple things:
1. my safe drive to oregon
2. a priesthood blessing giving me the strength for the trip
3. saving money by driving straight through rather than spending $114 on a hotel
4. being able to cancel said hotel
5. seeing amy, brad, james and gavin
6. james being super excited to see me
7. pat being kind and driving the bishop and his wife to the airport early this morning
8. not being in pain (see #2)
9. craig and angie being able to take care of sick little lucas
10. even though lucas is sick his sweet disposition
11. my car getting 34 mpg on the trip
12. linzi wishing me a safe drive
13. knowing that rach would rather be here with us
14. pat coming home to spend time with me before i left

i know, it is much to be grateful for, and there is even more, i just won't list them all... now it's your turn to be grateful!

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