Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who's the leader?

Having grown up in So Cal my family members are BIG fans of Disneyland! I was born in a town not too far away from Anaheim just 3 weeks after they first opened so I love celebrating my birth year with them every year! When a major one comes up (like 50 or 55) I want to go and enjoy it with my birthday buddy - Disneyland!!!
California Adventure with the girls!
My dad as a grandpa used to hold our kids with them standing on his lap, their tiny hands grasping his finger and he would rock them back and forth singing, "Who's the leader of the band, and all the company - M-I-C---K-E-Y---M-O-U-S-E - Mikey Mouse (Donald Duck) Mickey Mouse (Donald Duck) - Forever let us raise our banner High High High! (raising them up in the air with each high)

How they loved that! And now they have passed that tradition on to each of their children. That is just one memory in our family of how Disney figures into the mix.

But Disneyland - wow, I remember going there SO many times as a kid! We would go for Mormon Night or McDonnell Douglas night - going on as many rides as we could! I remember having the tickets where we were limited in how often we could ride the Matterhorn or any other rides! If you were really lucky someone that didn't want to go on that ride would give you their "E" ticket and make the adventure that much more special for you.

My mom told me that when I was a baby my aunt and uncle came to visit and they wanted to go to Disneyland on  a Monday. They went to the park only to find that it wasn't open that day. Someone that worked there noticed them and gave them a behind the scenes tour. They all loved it!

I also remember one of the times my mom was in the hospital my dad took my brother and I to Disneyland. I am pretty sure he figured we were having a hard time without my mom being around and she said to take us to do something fun. We had a blast that day! I must have been about 8 years old since we were living in North Hollywood at the time.
Mickey is actually on top of the Matterhorn!

Rach and Buzz Lightyear -
To infinity and beyond!
My favorite memories are when we have gone with our kids. We always had such fun together and something memorable always happened! (can anyone say 'hot chocolate'?!) I am grateful for Disneyland and all the good memories it brings to my heart and mind. It is (one of the) happiest place(s) on earth!

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