Saturday, May 21, 2011


smiling has always been one of my favorite pastimes, sounds silly, i know. when i was in high school there was a girl who was in our ward that smiled all the time at everyone. she made others feel accepted and welcome just through smiling. so i adopted that philosophy. now, as you can see from the picture, i don't have the greatest smile in the world, in terms of structure, what with a chipped tooth and several crowns. what i do have is a sincere smile that is warm and genuine. once Marion D. Hanks told me that my smile would get me anywhere, which meant a lot to me. i have received many compliments on my smile, again not due to structure, but due to genuineness. 

unfortunately i had a mishap yesterday. one of my crowns came off a tooth. which was okay because i saved it. then in talking to a friend and my dentist they said that i should put it back on (with the assistance of either super glue or fixadent) so that my teeth would not move due to the lack of a 'tooth' being present. i did as i was told, being pretty good about the whole obedience thing. now in retrospect i wish i hadn't because said crown has gone a missing...which leads me to conclude that i must have swallowed it. ew.

while i love my smile and that it brings happiness to others (whilst showing my happiness) i would indeed be smiling more had i not lost my crown. 
all in all, i am grateful for being able to smile and for the smiles of others, which also make me smile!

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