Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Holy Ghost

I have been assigned to give a talk in July. The subject: Led by the Spirit. I began my 'research' for this talk just this morning. As I have read and pondered the importance of The Holy Ghost in our lives I am overcome with many emotions. I am humbled at the quickness of The Spirit to touch my heart, to lead me where I need to go in order to touch the lives of our Father's children. I am grateful beyond words to have the influence of the Spirit in my life; that gives me so much more than I am worthy of. I have also felt compelled to be better, to be kinder, and more loving...and to show it, not simply feel it.

The Holy Ghost has always been a favorite of mine. I can't explain it, but am deeply grateful for His influence in my life. Le Grand Richards expressed it well when he said, "To me the gift of the Holy Ghost is as important to man as sunshine and water are to plants."

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