Sunday, May 22, 2011


What an odd title...for an odd day.

There was a woman in our Relief Society today; she is a former member. She has serious problems, mentally. She said a few things that were odd at first, and I thought she might have some problems. Then she said things that were inappropriate and I knew she had problems. Finally the 2nd counselor stood and asked her to stop --twice. I actually turned around and told her that they would speak with her later.

After the meeting they asked me to stay with them and assist them. While listening I felt profound sadness for her; for the decisions she has made to let simple things affect her in an extremely adverse manner. Her mind, heart, basically everything is not where it should be, and probably never will be.

I am grateful for the blessing of sanity; not just for me, but for everyone that enjoys it.

Odd, I know; but it is what it is.

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