Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Check list

On previous posts I've talked about lists, and how much I do love them. With the kids coming to visit, and my mom moving in, I have a lengthy list of things we need to get done. Last night we were able to move the computer and desk into our bedroom, today I've been cleaning things here and there, along with normal household chores. I'll be nice and won't share what there is left to do; fortunately it is diminishing day by day, task by task. I am so grateful it is!

I do feel badly that I can't be up in Sacramento helping my mom (temporarily) and sister (permanently) move. I just have too much to do here, and I have only so much energy with which to accomplish said tasks.

In a few weeks we will go up and collect my mom, along with her belongings, and bring her safely to our home, where I am certain she will live the remainder of her days, or years, probably. (our Naslund side of the family lives a LONG time!) :)

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