Thursday, October 4, 2012

That's debatable.

Last night I had the opportunity to watch the Presidential Debate between President Obama and Governor Romney. It is no surprise to anyone who my choice is for President of the United States. (oddly enough today whenever I thought of Governor Romney I kept thinking "President Romney"...interesting) One was prepared, one was not. One was presidential, one was not. One knew the facts, one did not. There has been a resounding opinion today of who won this debate. Romney won, hands down.

Does that mean that it is time to consider him elected? Absolutely not! We have quite a bit of time still left in this election, anything can happen. I am only hoping that it is in favor of  Governor Romney.

I am grateful that many prayers were answered last night as Governor Romney spoke eloquently, concisely, kindly, and with conviction on the subject of our economy. I am looking forward to the next debate in 13 days...and will be praying for him just as much for that one.

This 'race' isn't over yet, but soon will be. I'm grateful for that also. :)

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