Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Safe and warm

Today is Halloween, so I'll just start by saying, "Happy Halloween!" I actually considered doing a post on being grateful for Halloween, but there are other, more important issues I am grateful for today...

 Hurricane Sandy (unfortunately it's named Sandy) struck with a vengeance on the East coast, with a 900 mile radius. Crazy. Fortunately the hurricane portion of the storm lessened, and just became a 'noreaster' or 'monster' storm...however you choose to view it. The point is that it could have been so much worse. Don't get me wrong, the toll it took was very, very bad. People are left without homes. Many lives were lost. The Jersey shore (part of their needed economy - tourism) has vanished. I saw one reporter standing on sand, on what appeared to be level ground. It was a pool that had filled with sand. Flooding was everywhere. It will be some time before the NY subway system will be up and running. One neighborhood went up in fire. I'm certain I am only covering a few of the many tragedies that struck, but those were what I witnessed on TV.

 I, along with many others in this great nation we live in, prayed for and continue to pray for those in need, in desperation. I wish I could invite them into my home, give them a soft bed to sleep on, and a warm meal. But, I live thousands of miles away from them, and cannot assist in this way. So prayers, money, that is all I can offer.

 And on the flip side of that - I can offer my gratitude to our Father for the safety and warmth our family, and others I love and care about, are enjoying right this minute. Our grandchildren will go trick or treating tonight, without cause for concern. They will go home to their soft beds, with food in their tummies, and smiles on their faces, and in their hearts. I am grateful for that. I am grateful they are not in harm's way, and that they truly can enjoy their Halloween.

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