Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Red tape

By now you're aware that my mom has moved in. With her move comes several challenges ...the most important was tackling her insurance/Medicare. So much to do! The past few weeks I've talked with insurance reps and thought I was on the right track. Until today. I had hoped to get her into Rachel's former doctor, only to discover that he isn't taking Medicare patients. So, I called Social Security to see if they had any idea of what course to follow. They referred me to some California health/insurance department. They didn't answer. At that point I decided to call Kaiser, just to look into it. When I told mom the info she said she wanted Kaiser for her insurance. Seeing as how her insurance doesn't cover her in our area and she'd be paying for it on the first we acted quickly. After spending an hour on the phone with Kaiser, then calling Medicare and Social Security, I am grateful to be done with ALL that red tape!!! I'm ready for a vacation!

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