Wednesday, October 24, 2012


When Rach was last here she went through all of her belongings...pretty much. We have bags and boxes of things to donate. Pat insisted on donating them to DI, and gratefully, the DI truck was deposited at our Stake Center last night. So, tonight, instead of attending our Ward Halloween Party, we are going to be taking Rachel's, and our, donations to the DI truck. (and doing some hometeaching) Thank goodness!

On another note, I really am grateful for DI (Deseret Industries) for the many blessings that company gives to others, including (sometimes) members of our family. I remember when our kids were growing up I always felt guilty doing any shopping there, since I figured there were others with greater needs than ours. So, on occasion we would shop there, but not much. I am also grateful for the employment opportunities they give to others that might otherwise be glossed over, and unable to find employment.

All in all, DI is a win/win.

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