Saturday, October 6, 2012


This morning President Monson announced a change to the mission age for young men and young women. The men can now be called at age 18 along with being a HS grad, and the young women age 19.

There have been a number of historic events, throughout my life, in the church. They have all had an impact, and I am certain this one will as well. I immediately felt the Spirit testify to me that this is Heavenly Father's will.

Following General Conference they had a brief news conference. There they shared a little more in detail, about how they would have to expand the Missionary Training Centers, and hire more teachers for the newly called missionaries.

This is an exciting announcement. I think of all those that want to serve right now, yet are waiting for their age to catch up with that desire, and now they don't have to. I think of all those who graduate high school and feel a little lost as they feel in limbo while they wait for the time when they can go on their missions. Then I consider all those who have a desire to have the gospel taught in their countries and need more missionaries. What a blessing this is. How wonderful it will be for those who are patiently waiting for the life-changing missionaries to knock on their door, to share with them what they know to be true.

I am grateful for all the Church revelations that I have experienced in my life. My favorites (that I can think of off the top of my head) are: African-Americans receiving the Priesthood, The Proclamation on the Family, scriptures added to the Doctrine and Covenants, Temples built all around the world, and's announcement that will allow the young men and young women to go on their missions earlier than planned, if they are worthy, ready and able.

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