Saturday, October 20, 2012

Strong arms

Today has been moving day while we prepare for my mom to move in next Saturday. Thankfully, Pat has strong arms, since I do not. He is doing 95% of the work, and for that I am truly grateful. Here is what we have done thus far:
- Moved the twin bed (after covering in plastic) to the storage shed
- Moved many boxes to the storage shed (as we weeded through them, giving much away)
- Moved the queen bed to the 'study'
- Moved the computer/desk to the 'study'
- Washed and dried 3 loads of bedding
- Emptied the dresser to be moved to the 'study'
- Stepped on Missy's tail...oops, and 'meowwrrrr'!
- Sorted through all the toys, moving them to the shed (found the missed Brontosaurus and a good deal of toys the kids would have loved having out last week!)

 We only have a little left to do for today (and may I say how grateful I am to have my computer on again?), like moving the dresser and nightstand to the study. Then Pat will mow the lawn, I will give his hair a nice trim, he will work on his talk for tomorrow morning (why, hello Ripon ward!), and we will grab a bite to eat.

What a busy, productive day. I'm so grateful for Pat, he works so hard on our behalf, all the time. :)

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