Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hugging Cousins

It has been nearly three years since Craig and Amy have seen one another. There have been three children born in the meantime - Craig and Angie had Darci last August; Amy and Brad had Gavin two August's ago, and Jack last October. This morning Craig, Angie, Lucas and Darci arrived at our home, after a long night on the road, at 6:30. All four of them were awake, while Amy's family slept. Finally, around 8 AM, Craig and Angie decided it was time to get some sleep. Brad was up so he and I would watch Lucas and Darci. A little while later James and Gav came out of the room they were sleeping in, holding hands (how cute is that?). When they saw Lucas and Darci and said 'hi' they went and gave Lucas a hug. At one point in time during the day James and Lucas had to make up (who remembers why, not me!), so they hugged, then Gav came over, and Lucas was hugging both of them at the same time.

So, so precious!

It is great to have them here, I am grateful to have them here... only 6 other members of our family are missing, and definitely missed.

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