Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Beginnings

Mom is safely here now. She is sleeping in the comfort of her new room. We had a really good chat all the way down from Sacramento...which is amazing, and always something to be grateful for!

This morning as I was getting ready to go up and get her and her belongings I began thinking about various places we've moved to... and the blessings that came from each of those moves. Two of my favorite places that we have lived as a family were, unfortunately, short-lived.

The first was Paradise, CA. (though I had lived there with my parents previously). We loved it there. Paradise truly is all it's name implies. We were only able to live there for two years. Fortunately, Amy has the good fortune of being able to claim being born in Paradise! That's a fun one for her.

The second was Idaho Falls, ID. Surprisingly, I fell in love with living there. We made many amazing friends, were able to be in a great ward, and the girls loved school there. There really was absolutely nothing negative about being there. As luck would have it, after 911 happened the work that Pat's company was promised by the government was halted. So, we had to leave the area, and move back here. It took me several years to get over that one.

As I look back at the many moves we've made, I truly do see blessings coming from each of them. I am grateful that we could move my mom in with us, and for the new beginnings she will experience, even at age 86 (87 in January!).

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