Friday, January 25, 2013

Easy return

I made a decision. As much as I loved my new Kitchenaid I started to realize just before leaving for Amy's that it wasn't for me. How did I reach that conclusion? It was one of those moments that hit me with clarity. That moment came when I was whipping cream for Pat's birthday angel food cake...the moment I had to cover both of my ears because the noise it made was deafening! And I'm already deaf in one ear! Yes, indeed, that was my defining moment. That decision was cemented when I used Amy's new (comparatively) whisper-quiet kitchenaid. That was when I knew. Since I made the decision I hoped that Costco would be okay with the return. Gratefully they were. Seriously, I am so grateful that there was not an iota of hassle! What a blessing!

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