Sunday, January 13, 2013

Joyful day

While I cannot claim that my entire day was full of joy I will happily claim that there were joyful moments. This morning began a bit hectic what with finalizing everything for my trip. Sure, all my bags were packed, I was ready to go...but there were other lingering 'things' that needed taking care of. I needed to do something on our computer to fix a problem, I needed to copy all of our children's addresses and birthdays for my mil (which Pat had forgotten, apparently many times, to let me know that she wanted). Then, being the kind and dutiful daughter and wife, I made a pot of stew for Pat and my mom to enjoy eating today. Needless to say, I felt a little stressed this morning.

Then came the first moment of joy: I explained to my mom that we had set up a breakfast station for her so that she could easily access things to eat. She was so grateful she teared up and couldn't thank me enough. Seriously. Her reaction was unexpected and touched my heart.

The second moment of joy that I experienced was the Priesthood blessing Pat gave me; it was comforting, reassuring and loving. I felt like a warm blanket had been placed over me in preparation for this trip.

Saying good-bye is always bittersweet. I watched as Pat walked away from me at the airport, full of joy that we have what we have...grateful that we are forever.

After getting to the airport and finding out my flight was delayed due to ice on the wings I was not overjoyed.  But I was grateful that I had thought to bring a sandwich to eat, and that I was in the same boat as many others. I was also grateful that the guy sitting across from me had pretty much the same reaction that I did when they announced that our flight would be delayed by an hour and forty-five minutes. It was actually kind of fun when the other passengers were enjoying a football game, it felt a bit unifying.

Finally when I was comfortably seated I was joyful when I realized how much leg room I had. My legs aren't long, most definitely, but still, it was nice to have way more than I needed.

Arriving at the airport I felt joy as I was greeted by James, Rach, and Amy. Jack-Jack didn't really embrace the idea of grandma, but he's not even fifteen months old yet, he will get there!

It was so adorable when we got to Amy's house and James said, "Hey Nana, do you want to go and see my daddy?" Of course I did! Another joyful moment...seeing Brad and Gavin.

I sure do love this family of ours. I love that we are forever. I am grateful for those simple moments of joy that come through expressions of happiness to see one another, to give hugs and kisses. These are the moments that make life worth living.

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