Friday, January 11, 2013

Recipe exchanges

Last month we had our extended family over for some homemade soups and sandwiches. Everyone raved about the food, went home happily fed and with food to take with them. My niece, Deb, wanted my recipes so I sent them to her via email the other day. She also called last night to wish my mom a "happy birthday!" Deb and I chatted for a few minutes also. We discussed some family things, then we talked about recipes. It's amazing how the love of cooking can bring people together! (I gave Deb a recipe box years ago...she pulled it out not too long ago for me to see that she still uses it!)

The love of cooking is one of the bonds I share with our daughters - we all love to cook, and we discuss recipes and like to try new things. In our family it's a big deal. I am grateful for the bond of recipes and cooking, it really does bring families together.

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