Thursday, January 3, 2013

Light bulb moments

A few months ago we moved furniture around in our home. One of the things we moved was a bookcase from the hallway to our bedroom. I figured that way it would, a) not be in the way when the kids came home to visit, b) not be in the way of my mom with her walker, and c) be very useful for Pat to put all of his church books/notebooks on. When I organized the bookcase I put his church things on the top shelf. Several weeks later I was in talking with my mom and we heard a loud crash. I assumed Missy had gotten into something, but she sat there quietly looking at me with concern on her face. (note: for my mom to hear the crash means that it was REALLY loud! she knows that as well.)

I went into our bedroom and found, to my dismay, that all the items on the top shelf of the bookcase had fallen as the bookshelf objected to their weight. *Sigh*  I then cleaned up the mess and reorganized said shelf.

One of the other events that took place is that we had our Christmas tree in our great room. In doing so we needed to move the rocking chair and an end table into our bedroom. While it was in there Pat adapted to putting some of his things on the end table. It just so happens that it also was a convenient spot for Missy to look outside, since it was up next to Pat's window.

Pat wanted me to get some other item of furniture (a bookcase, something of that nature) so that he could house all his church things under the window, and Missy could continue to have her perch. (He is so much nicer than me)

And then, yesterday, unexpectedly, I had a light bulb moment while I was on the phone with Amy. I glanced over at the bookcase and the thought struck me, why not move all the other books in the bookcase up to other shelves and put Pat's church stuff on the bottom shelf that can hold that weight?  Sometimes the obvious escapes us, seriously. After getting off the phone with Amy I got to work and rearranged the bookcase, yet again.

When Pat came home I showed him what I did. He, and I, both felt pretty stupid that we hadn't thought of that right off. Oh well. I really am grateful for simple lightbulb moments that strike when we least expect them. They sure help us out in life!

One more quick story. We have tile in our entryway. Obviously since it's the entry into our home it gets a good deal of traffic. Well, I've been cleaning that tile consistently over the nearly ten years we've been in our home, and lately it hasn't been as clean as I'd like it to be. I've even noticed on Pinterest how you can get tile cleaner to get rid of all that dirt that has been accumulating for years. I haven't been able to find any of that around here though, and honestly, I don't look that often because it isn't a priority. However, a few weeks ago I looked at that dirty tile and resolved to find something to clean it better with. Then, I had another lightbulb moment - why not try and use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser's that I get all the time for cleaning other things? I wasn't sure if we had any or not, then I found a four pack under our kitchen sink. So, today I decided to try it - it works amazingly well. With little effort it took off that grime that has been bugging me for a while now. I am so happy and grateful that it works!

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