Friday, May 31, 2013


While there are many reasons to be thankful for jars, today I am thinking of just one. Basically, to contain things in. While I am at it, I might as well be specific. You may think I'm a little odd after this, but that's okay.

One of my great loves in life is the ocean, the beach, the sea. You name it, I pretty much love all things ocean. I don't know if that comes from my having grown up mostly in Southern California, or if it's the Swede in me. Whatever it is, I'll take it. Actually, I don't have a choice. I just love it.

For a few years now I've been contemplating an ocean theme in one of our rooms. While I'd love to make our great room into an ocean theme I just can't quite justify it, since we live 90 miles from the ocean now! What I have opted to do instead is to turn our bedroom into an ocean theme. Now, don't go thinking I am going crazy with this! That is so not me! No, I'm just adding a few things here and there (that we have around the house mostly) to make our ocean theme work. Believe me, I'm not going overboard (ha!).

One of the things I did about a year ago, and this is where you might think I am crazy, was paint seashells that we've collected various colors: blue, yellow, green, and purple. The reason I did that was because of something I saw on Pinterest. What I first thought were painted shells turned out to be cupcake liners in a jar. While I still thought it was a cute idea, I liked the shell idea even better. Here is what I saw on Pinterest:

Imagine my surprise when I figured out that they were cupcake liners! Silly me! Even so, I still decided I wanted to paint shells and put them in a jar. Unfortunately I didn't have a glass jar handy that would fit a few of my shells. Now I do. :) I have to say, it turned out pretty good too! I'm grateful for my new jar (like the one pictured above) that now contains my painted (and unpainted) shells.

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