Sunday, December 2, 2012

A rose is a rose...

As you know yesterday was the anniversary of our engagement. When Pat proposed we were sitting in my car at the Provo temple. After we became engaged he reached behind the seat and pulled out a long-stemmed red rose and gave it to me. That is part one of the story. Part two is that yesterday we picked up our new freezer. Because the weather is rainy we opted not to put our old fridge outside (until we get rid of it). We had to move a few things around for the freezer, while doing so Pat picked up a small unmarked box. Upon opening it he found the jar with the rose (yes, I put it in a jar to save it) that he had given me 35 years before. I'm grateful for the sentiment of what that rose represents, and that it has lasted all these years! (Like us!)

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