Thursday, December 13, 2012

Done, and Done!

Not only am I taking care of our Christmas shopping, but I am my mom's as well. Today I sent the last of the packages, sent out our Christmas cards, and finished up pretty much everything. All I have left is the wrapping, and there isn't much of that to do either this year. I love Christmas, but am so very grateful that now I get to sit back and enjoy the season.

If you don't have not so nice shoppers, or drivers, in your area then you have no idea why I am grateful.

Case in point - I was at Costco today, just picking up a few items. I happily smiled at people, because I am happy. At one point in time I was approaching a corner by the freezer aisle, when around the other corner came another person. I was going straight, he was turning. Apparently I was in his way. I stopped with plenty of room to spare, then smiled and said, "Go ahead!", rather cheerfully. He looked at me and shook his head in disgust. Seriously! Disgust!

At that point I wasn't feeling too Christmas spirit-y, so I muttered, "Sorry I am annoying you by being in the store." (not nice, I know, what can I say? I am far from perfect!) He didn't hear me, I knew he wouldn't, but I said what I thought, not that it mattered.

Then I got to my car, put away the few things I did get, and began thinking. Perhaps this gentleman was unhappy in general. Maybe his dog just died. Maybe he has no one to spend Christmas with. Maybe he is unemployed and not feeling very Christmas spirit-y himself. Whatever the reason, I repented, and truly felt badly for being perturbed with him...and even more for expressing it.

So, yes, I am indeed grateful to be home, out of the line of fire.

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