Friday, December 14, 2012


For the past few years I've been keeping track of several things on our Excel program. Recently there was a major incident involving our Christmas list, which could have been really ugly. Thankfully the girls called me immediately and asked if I had meant to send them the list of Christmas gifts for everyone! Fortunately I was able to contact Craig and Linzi right away and ask them to not open that file! Hopefully no one saw what they were getting. Seriously, sometimes I wonder about myself and where on earth my brain is!

Today, I am using our Excel program to keep track of what food items we have stored in our study pantry/closet. As I stated a few days back, we are really trying to fine tune what we are doing emergency preparedness wise. We have a decent amount of canned goods, baking supplies, etc. But do we have enough? No way to tell unless you've got it all categorized and organized. So, I spent this morning doing just that. Took me about three hours. No, I'm not slow, I'm just making sure everything is in it's place, on the shelves and on the computer.

One of the things we have decided to do is make up a menu for two weeks for dinners that we like. Then we take the time to figure out what we have in stock for those dinners. From there we set out to get enough of those supplies so that we can have the items we need on hand for three months. That means we'd need to have a supply of six meals for each dinner. We figured they'd also make great leftovers also, which means lunch. :)

I am grateful for Excel, it seems to help me keep track of all the facts that my brain is not able to keep track of. I'm sure it could be better then what I have, if Brad were here to help...but he's not, so there you have it! At least I have something!

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