Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Trader Joe's suggestions

Amazingly, I am one of those few people in the US that hasn't developed a love of Trader Joe's. Well, not yet, anyway. Usually, the few times I have actually gone in, I am lost, not sure of what to get. Even though the store is compact, they pack a lot of stuff into it! Then, the aisles are a tad small (ours in Modesto is anyway), and you find yourself hurrying along in order to keep out of the way. Invariably someone is on your tail, wanting to be right where you are at that precise moment. I know, because I experienced being the 'tail-er' today; more accurately, the patient waiter, would describe me.

Those who know my habits of shopping know that I go with a list, and am in and out quick as can be. Which is why WinCo and me sometimes, not often, don't get along. There are far too many good deals in that store for me to skate by! (which I also experienced today, but walked away with only two extra purchases...go me!)

Today as I perused the aisles of Trader Joe's I had an actual list! Recently a dear friend posted on Facebook that she was going to TJ's and all these women started giving her ideas of what to purchase there (Perhaps I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed there?). So, I went, list in hand, and spent about $50!!! I won't go into the details of sharing what I purchased, if you want to know you can ask me! However, I will share that I only hauled two grocery bags out of there! And it's not as if they are super expensive, but there were a lot of small delights awaiting me... like star shaped chocolate covered cookies, and chocolate covered peppermint Joe-Joe's. Can't wait to try those!

While I won't be heading to Modesto again anytime soon, and probably won't see the inside of another Trader Joe's for quite some time, it sure was fun to do something different today. I am grateful for the TJ experience, but most especially, the helpful list.

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