Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Prince of Peace

How grateful I am for my Savior, Jesus Christ. 

He is the Prince of Peace. 

Without Him in my life I would be so much less than I am. He has made everything that is good in my life possible; everything that is good in our family's life possible.

He willingly came to earth, with full understanding of the sacrifice He would be making, and did so to glorify our Father, and because He loves each of us, individually and collectively. He gave His all, completely, humbly, and lovingly. How grateful I am for - His miraculous birth, His exemplary life, His atoning sacrifice, and His resurrection. He has made it possible for each and every one of us to return to live in our Father's, and His, presence.

I love Him with all my heart, might and mind. I live each day in honor of Him, and strive moment by moment to be more like Him. How grateful I am for those moments when I fail, and trust in Him to help me along life's road, with open arms to forgive me and to love me.

At this Christmas season I am ever grateful for all that He has given me, and made possible for myself and those whom I cherish. Merry Christmas!

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