Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mormon Channel

This morning I attended Sacrament meeting, and as is the norm for the time being, I came home during Sunday School to get my mom some breakfast. Today our ward was meeting together for the third hour to discuss the changes in the youth program. They opted to do this since there would be few people in Relief Society then. So, I decided to stay home, where it is warm and comfy. (I am a rebel, I know. In actuality I felt I needed to be uplifted rather than instructed.)

Last night I watched a few things on the Mormon Channel, so I decided today when I came home that I would do the same. Our friend, Genie, sent me a link the other day to watch "O Come, Emanuel", which is beautiful, and quite uplifting. If you'd like to view it go here:

I am grateful for the Mormon Channel, which has many uplifting stories, songs, etc. for our benefit. I love it.

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