Friday, December 21, 2012

The sweet smell of Christmas

When Sam was little his grandparents gave him a book entitled, "The Sweet Smell of Christmas." In the book there is a bear family, where the baby bear discovers the sweet smells of Christmas throughout the book. I can't remember all the scents (it's a scratch and sniff) but the ones I do remember are: hot chocolate, vanilla, pine, and orange. I have always loved that book and so have my kids. I think I've given the book to some of our grandkids also, but I can't remember who! (if I haven't given it to your family let me know for next Christmas!)

Yesterday as I baked and the scent wafted throughout our home, it reminded me of Christmas. The scents of Christmas bring back memories of my dad, and cooking with him during the holidays. Tomorrow we are having my sister and her family over for lunch. I am preparing homemade soups today for that. Now our home has savory scents, and I love it just as much!

Holidays and family and food - they all go hand in hand. Each one gives us something to be grateful for; today my gratitude is focused on the food, rather the 'sweet (and savory) smells of Christmas.'

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